my services

IT Consulting

I've been helping small and large companies deploying, migrating, and supporting their Microsoft environments for more than 20 years now. From the first Windows NT servers, to the new 2022 servers, I've had fun working with all of them, in Brasil, England, Scotland, the USA and Canada.

Active directory

If you need to migrate, or consolidate your Active Directory domains, I can help you make your environment easier to manage. I've already migrated and consolidated ten's of thousands of AD Objects.

Microsoft 365 / azure

You need to move to Office 365? I will assist in this move so your data and users are as little as possible impacted. I can also make sure your data is as safe as it can be in the cloud.

choosing the right product

Your company has specific needs, and not all products can satisfy all of them. I will help you select the right tools, at the right price.

guidance to use and manage

From getting your Domain Name, to deploying to all your users, I'll be right beside you to help.

easy migration and support

When you need to move all your data, Users, Emails, files and folders,  I'll be there to help you do so with as little impact as possible. I use reliable tools and methods that will take your important assets to / from: Google Gmail, G Drive, Office 365, One drive, and more…

Microsoft 365 subscriptions

You need professional and solid tools to run your business. If you are not sure which way to go, or what options to choose from, I'm here to help you pick the right tools and take care of the technical stuff. So you can take care of your business.